Justice Richard Blair - Kamloops Justice Richard Blair
Justice Richard Blair
Justice Richard Blair
Image Kamloops B.C. Supreme Court Justice Richard Blair is an easily proved fraud.. Justice Richard Blair Kamloops B.C.
Image The Government of Canada does not intend to openly hear the proof of Fraud setting this case as the accepted standard for all Federally Appointed Judges. Equality in law is claimed herein.
Image A Government  accepted judicial fraud. Alleged evidence failed to appear anywhere.
Image Justice Blair's fraudulent representation. Fraudulent allegations. Constructed reports for benefit.
Image B.C. Supreme Court Justice Richard Blair's dinner at the home of expert witness and refusal to step aside when requested.
Image An accepted court ordered closed court, no trial, no witnesses, no cross-examination permitted .
Image Proof of fraud is real, yet Justice Richard Blair is saved by the Prime Minister and Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin.
Image Fraud. Dr. White has it both ways,paid for the same attendance claimed by Judge Blair to never happened. 
Image An accepted constructive judgement, Judge Blair's total lack of credibility and discretion.
Image Court ordered payment of court costs resulting from fraud and judgement construction.
Image Both law and evidence unethically withheld by Justice Blair for a benefit.
Image Justice Blair not required to explain nor produce his alleged evidence. Equality in Canadian law is claimed herein.
Image Prime Minister and Chief Justice Beverley Mclachlin obstruction and participation in fraud within Canadian courts.
Image B.C. Court of Appeal makes Government accepted fraudulent claims, simply copying the previous judgement. An appeal not permitted.
Image All future equality in Canadian Law and legal rights are claimed by this family.


Maybe B.C. Supreme Court Justice Richard Blair should seek professional psychiatric assistance for the problems he has in making allegations that do not appear within the evidence.

The Government of Canada and Canadian Judicial Council have protected a Supreme Court Judge's ability to commit fraud, have friends as witnesses and allege evidence that fails to appear anywhere.. fraud is claimed. All equality rights are claimed.

Justice Richard Blair
Chief Justice of Canada Beverley Mclachlin

A request to present proof of fraud, involvement and misconduct was formally made to the Canadian Prime Minister, Canadian Justice Department and Canadian Chief Justice Beverley Mclachlin. They quite easily refused the ability to present this proof of fraud after they had been presented with the facts. Judge Blair does not have to produce his alleged evidence nor explain.

In this case the Prime Minister and Chief Justice of Canada's, Beverley McLachlin, all made claims of an independent court intended to suppress open scrutiny of Judge Blair and deprive this family's ability to question and present proof of misconduct, judgement construction and fraud. Removal of B.C. Supreme Court Justice Richard Blair is not an issue for the courts.

This is a Canadian standard set by the Government of Canada and Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin as this family demands equality in Canadian law. All future legal and equality rights are claimed by this family. This family demands equality in Canadian Law.

Image   Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin Obstruction of Justice..    Justice Richard Blair Underhanded
Image    There is proof that Kamloops B.C. Justice Richard Blair is a Fraud.    Justice Richard Blair Dishonest
            Justice Richard Blair

Justice Richard Blair
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